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Shree Radhe Dairy Farm & Food Pvt.Ltd. are a Surat, Gujarat, India based organization that is engaged in offering Dairy Product such as Cow Ghee, buffalo ghee etc. 

our endeavor at Shree Radhe Dairy Farm & Food pvt.ltd. is to provide pure and nutritious dairy products to people at affordable costs. Ever since our establishment in the year 2010.

we have been widely appreciated for our emphasis on staying true to our aforementioned abiding belief Our products have been widely acclaimed across various market. oth our sales figure and total distributor number are growing at a steadfast rate on an year to year basis.

We are looking for people or organizations intending to become distributors of dairy products. We require state specific and city specific distributors across India to aid us in our expansion plans. This is an ideal opportunity for entities that are looking to get a foothold in the dairy products segment.

  • VISION ( What we want to be in the future )

           Our Vision is to be a Consumeer Centric Food Company that employs highest levels of safety and  hygiene in creating traditional  and value added products that lead the market in Quality & Taste, thereby creating wealth for all stack holders.

  • MISSION ( Our reason for existence )       

            We shall best understand everyday consumer needs and create a portfolio of affordable, quality products with highest levels of safety and hygiene on a Pan India basis.

           As a result, we shall be amongst the top 3 brands Pan India and the number 1 brand in Gujarat in terms of sales, profits, household penetration and employment gengeration.


  • CORE VALUES ( Beliefs & Culture)    
            1.  We shall be FOCUSED on our GOALS         

            2.  We shall treat everyone with HUMILITY and RESPECT     

            3.  We shall build a culture of QUALITY & INNOVATION  

            4.  We shall practice KNOWLEDGE SHARING    

            5. We shall always be PROCESS DRIVEN with highest levels of INTEGRITY     

            6.  We shall EMPOWER our EMPLOYEES      


  • Our Placement